Happy Thanksgiving

by Stephen Vinson on November 21, 2011

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Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Uncle James and Aunt Cyndi’s home. The dinner was delicious, and the company was enjoyable. What more could I ask for, right?

I thought I did okay for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, tonight is my only celebratory Thanksgiving dinner) We had the standard Thanksgiving fare: Turkey, Dressing, Gravy, Mashed Taters, Baked Beans, Peas, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, Sweet Tater Pie, and Cool Whip (light – that makes it okay, right?) I washed it all down with Coke Zero…. I prepared a plate with a sampling of everything except the gravy, then went back for seconds, again skipping the gravy, and also skipping turkey and cranberry sauce this time. I finished up with a slice of sweet tater pie and covered it with some cool whip. It was SO GOOD! ALL OF IT!

I feel good about tonight’s meal. I went over on my calories, but felt that I did well compared to past Thanksgivings.

In other news, I did my three mile run today. The route that I chose was insanely hilly, but I made it. :-)

I’m doing two tomorrow, then I’ll weigh in on Wednesday morning. I met with Sonthe and weighed in this morning because she’ll be out of town on our usual day. I lost a lot of “water weight,” but I’m going to go back this Wednesday morning for another weigh in because I ate thanksgiving today…

I don’t expect a gain :-D

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