Black Friday

by Stephen Vinson on November 25, 2011

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I made today a complete rest day. I had planned on working out on the machines at the gym for my upper body, but my arms are still sore from the workout on Wednesday. Today is a scheduled run rest day.

Tomorrow, I’ll be running 4 with Will in Tuscaloosa.

I’m about to head over to his crib to watch the LSU vs. Arkansas game, and I’ll be spending the night. We’ll do our run tomorrow and also watch the Iron Bowl. Auburn vs. Alabama….

I’m taking my own food over to Will’s, but I’ll grab breakfast in the morning somewhere ’cause I always wake up at 6ish and they don’t do coffee at Will’s. How do they survive without coffee? HOW?!

Although I’ll have food with me, if the peeps want to go out tonight, I’m cool with that. I’m always ready for sushi or whatever else they want to grab. Tomorrow, too, Will is providing grub for the game, and seeing that Will is health conscience like me, there probably won’t be many temptations. If there are, I’ll stick with my food. I might have a beer or two, tomorrow,  but no more than three. Most likely I won’t drink any alcohol.

That pretty much sums up today and tomorrow. I’m on the fence about which team I want to win tonight. I believe it’ll be best for Bama if LSU wins today, but we shall see what happens. Peace out.

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