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Apology and Thankful

I want to apologize to you, dear reader. I've been focusing ONLY on the negative things in my life, then isolating myself, which creates a negative tornado. The tornado starts off small, but I keep ruminating the same thoughts over and over, and the tornado keeps getting bigger and bigger, until I'm in a state of depression and start binge […] Read More


Disappointed and Depressed

Have you ever been disappointed with the way things turned out? I've got so much, my back, weight, mom's health, broken house, financial problems, dead laptop, and stuff from this weekend. Today, I stayed in bed all day just out of negativity and depression. It's my own fault. I'm allowing my negative thoughts about all […] Read More


Weigh-In: 447 pounds

Last Weigh-In: 445 lbs This Week's Weigh-In: 447 lbs Change Between Weigh-Ins: +2 lbs Change from start of weigh-ins (02/2009) : -185 lbs   […] Read More


Weigh-In: 445 lbs

Last Weigh-In: 436 lbs This Week's Weigh-In: 445 lbs Change Between Weigh-Ins: +9 lbs Change from start of weigh-ins (02/2009) : -187 lbs Notes: Dismal, things are looking. Added alcohol into the mix over the weekend. Didn't help. Well, helped for a few hours, ha. Have to figure out a way to snap out of […] Read More


My Outlook for Losing Weigh at Home is Hopeless

Warning, this is one of my depressed posts. There is so much stress at home right now, and I feel as though it's all on my shoulders. I've been fine for a while, but it's really wearing me out now. Here are my stressors (in no particular order) : Mom can barely get around Mom […] Read More


Weigh-In: 436 lbs

Weigh-In: 436 lbs thumbnail

Last Weigh-In: 434 lbs This Week's Weigh-In: 436 lbs Change Between Weigh-Ins: +2 lbs Change from start of weigh-ins (02/2009) : -196 lbs I'm not surprised at the number today. I accept it. I own it. This is a new week with new possibilities. Y'all the online coaching program that I am participating in is […] Read More


The Best Weight Loss Blog Comments

The Best Weight Loss Blog Comments thumbnail

The best weight loss blog comments are those that are kind, supportive, authentic, and non-judgmental. This post was inspired by the online coaching program that I am participating in: The A-Ha! Program, 15 shifts along the weight loss journey. There is a message board that all of the program participants use, and they provide some great rules for posting messages and […] Read More


Getting Tired of Being Morbidly Obese

Getting Tired of Being Morbidly Obese thumbnail

Although I weigh 430ish pounds, I'm starting to feel like I did when I weighed over 600 pounds. The second most noticeable side affect is getting winded when walking. It's very mild at the moment, but I can forsee a rapid decline if I keep going down the path that I'm on. The most noticeable […] Read More


Georgia Aquarium, Warehouse 31, and Vacation Wrap-Up

Warehouse 31

During our couple of days in Atlanta, we visited the Georgia Aquarium. We couldn't pass up this Groupon deal: Admit 2 adults for $55 Otherwise, we probably would not have gone. The aquarium was a lot of fun! We toured through the different exhibits they have and went to the Dolphin Tales show, which was so cool! […] Read More


Rachel is in Birmingham!!

Rachel and Stephen at Talladega Superspeedway for the 2014 Geico 500

My wife, Rachel, is here in Birmingham, AL!!!!! She's visiting for a week and a half! We've been doing lots of fun stuff! I've been working (so much fun while she's here, lol). We've been shopping, spending time with my mom, spending time with friends, and spending quality time together. Now we're heading to Atlanta […] Read More