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Week 1 Challenge: Drink More Water

We started a new Living Healthy Challenge at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen that is open to everyone, and I’m sharing it online with you. Every Thursday (for 12  weeks) there is a new challenge. 

Week 1 Challenge: Drink More Water

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The amount of fluids you need will depend on your size, physical activity, your metabolism, your health, and the weather.


  1. Set a goal for the day. A general rule of thumb for water needs: your weight in pounds divided by two. For example, a person that weighs 200 pounds would drink, 200/2 = 100, 100 ounces of water for the day.
  2. Fill a gallon jug with water at the beginning of the day, and pour from it throughout the day.
  3. Spruce your water up by adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs in order to give it natural flavoring.
  4. Use an app such as Waterlogged to keep track of your water intake throughout the day.
  5. Eat more water based foods such as watermelon, celery, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. Foods can provide 20% of your fluid needs.
  6. Use a straw. You will drink more and drink faster.
  7. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Then you won’t have an excuse not to drink.
  8. When eating out, order water instead of sweet tea or soda. Save money while enhancing your health.
  9. Eat something spicy. You will need water to cool your mouth down.
  10. According to a 2010 study, drinking 16 ounces of water (one water bottle) before meals may help you lose weight.
  11. Squeeze a drink into the daily routines you already have such as after brushing your teeth.
  12. Check your built-in water meter. If your urine is not almost clear, drink a couple of extra glasses of water.

Donna Sibley, a Wellness One Nineteen Dietitian, explained to the group today, that these weekly challenges are self-monitored. Each participant is to create their own goals each week, and to self-monitor their goals.  The weekly meeting is to explain the challenge and provide motivation to improve health and wellness.

I’ve set my personal goal to 100 ounces of water per day, which I started yesterday, and I have noticed a decrease in hunger (and more trips to the bathroom, ha ha.) Personally, monitoring urine color is my favorite way of monitoring water levels. I know that if my urine is a very faint yellow, I’m drinking enough. If it’s dark, I need more water. If it’s completely clear, I need to hold back a little. — I use myfitnesspal to track my water.

Have questions? Shoot me a message.

Weekly Weigh-In: 422 Pounds

Last Week’s Weigh-In: 422 lbs

This Week’s Weigh-In: 422 lbs

Change Between Weigh-Ins: 0 lbs

Change from start of weigh-ins (02/2009) : -210 lbs

Notes: My weigh-ins page has been updated. It’s now easier to read. I’ve also removed the Goals and Milestones page and added a new Objectives and Goals page.

Here are my new goals that I am working on:

  • Weigh 399 lbs by December 31, 2014. Created Wednesday, September 17, 2014.
  • Limit my caloric intake to 2560 calories per day.
  • Drink at least 100 oz of water daily.
  • Track food and water on myfitnesspal daily.
  • Work out in the pool 3 days a week or more.
  • Take a short walk and/or stretch every 3o minutes, or as much as possible. (this goal is for back health.)
  • See therapist on a bi-weekly basis.
  • See dietitian on a weekly basis.

I will be reporting on these goals every week on my weekly weigh-in post.

I changed things up this week and started logging my food on myfitnesspal because I want to use the same platform that my wife is using so we can encourage each other. My profile is public, you are certainly welcome to friend me or peek and see what I’m eating.

I did not eat well last week. I am changing that this week.

Yesterday, I had a block done on my back. I go back on Sept 30th for another. Yesterday after the procedure and today has been great. There is a lot of scar tissue in my back, and it appears to be the culprit in my recent back issues. My fingers are crossed.

Fun Saturday Evening at Will & Kate’s

My lovely friends, Will and Kate, had me over at their place last night to watch the Bama game. We watched the Tide breeze by Southern Miss.

I had a lot of fun catching up with them and playing with their four kittens.

Will, Kate, and the four kittens. :)

Will, Kate, and the four kittens. :)

Day 49: Must. Do. Better.

I can and must do better than this.

Food on 9/12/14

Food on 9/12/14

Breakfast: 2 eggs, grits, and banana – 440 calories
Snack: smoothie – 400 calories
Lunch: 2 turkey burgers – 650 calories
Snack: smoothie – 400 calories
Dinner: 2 buffalo chicken salad – 600 calories
Binge: 2600 calories

  • 5090 calories consumed on 09/11/14
  • 2500 calorie budget
  • 2590 calories over budget

Exercise: Pool therapy

Water: Approximately 64 oz of water

Pain on 9/12/14: Pain level was at a 2-3 all day. Much better today.

Sleep the night of 09/12/14: I went to bed very early (8ish), then woke up for 1.5 hours at midnight, and of course I started eating… Went back to bed and feel fine the following morning.

Big Ol’ Chubbies from @JackSht

And then this happened, today:

See the original post on Jack Sh*t’s Blog.

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