Hi! I’m Stephen from Birmingham, Alabama. In February 2009, at my highest weight of 632 pounds, I started WhoAteMyBlog? to help keep me accountable with my health and wellness journey and to motivate others to reach their goals. Since then, I’ve had many highs and lows, but have still managed to lose a lot of weight (Over 260 lbs). I am on Twitter and Facebook very often. <<< Be sure to follow me. :) Feel free to make yourself at home and browse around.Receive WhoAteMyBlog? posts via email.


by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson on April 14, 2014

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Mom is doing better, thankfully! We’re in the home stretch of her recovery.

I’m doing okay. My eating hasn’t been great but I’m really enjoying the new counselor that I’m seeing. He’s assisting me with setting up boundaries and being aware of my emotions. I’m thinking of asking him for a strategy on motivating me to log my food. We’ll see… (don’t hold your breath on that one.)

I’ve been wanting to post more often here but it’s been difficult finding time with wedding plans and assisting mom with her medical care. (I have to brag… I received an A+ in her wound care. I’ve been cleaning and packing her  wound daily.)

I have  a vacation coming up soon and some exciting stuff happening while I’m on vacation. If nothing interferes, I hope to do some blogging while I’m in Canada.

On the weight management side, I’m hoping to maintain or drop a couple of lbs while on vacation. Then, upon my return, I’m hoping that my schedule will return to normal and I can setup and maintain a healthy routine.

Donna assisted me with meal planning last week, and, of course, I haven’t planned much… I’m depending on the counselor to help me get out of this funk that I’m in. I’m just going to be patient, ditch the guilt and shame, and eventually find a healthy balance of healthy eating and fitness to get over this hump. I’ll do it. I know I will. I have faith. Something I thought I had lost.

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Ken Lass’ interview with Me will Air on April 16 during Daytime Alabama on Alabama’s NBC 13

by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson April 9, 2014

Ken Lass’ interview with me will Air on April 16 during Daytime Alabama on Alabama’s NBC 13. The program starts at 11:30am. They will also post the interview online, and I will, of course, post the video on here when it’s available. It was a brief interview and we discussed the blog and my weight […]

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Momentum Works Both Ways

by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson April 6, 2014

I’m working on what I’ll say tomorrow during my interview with Ken Lass, and I’m reflecting on my journey thus far and realized that momentum works both ways. One good day can lead to another good day, which can need to more good days, then to weeks, and longer. On the flip side, one bad […]

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427, Color Me Rad, Biggest Loser Audition, and Ken Lass NBC 13

by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson March 31, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve weighed because I’ve exceeded the limit of my scale at home.  Fortunately, we have one at work, and I weighed in at 427 lbs. That’s in the afternoon with all my work clothes and shoes on. So, in a way, it’s good news. I thought my weight might be […]

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Mom’s Home Again and Positives

by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson March 20, 2014

Mom is back home from the hospital and feeling better. She’s weak but in good spirits. Things are looking better for her. I binged last night. Let’s focus on the positives: I was abstinent from binging for 9 days. I am doing the right thing by going to overeaters anonymous

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I’m Doing Much Better. Mom Is Not.

by WhoAteMyBlog - Stephen Vinson March 16, 2014

Mom went home on Friday. We found out she had stage one cancer in her uterus, but hopefully the hysterectomy got all of it. Her ecologist is going to allow her to heal, then he might discuss radiation or he might just monitor her condition every six months. I know and have faith that she’s […]

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