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Day 38: Labor Day

by Stephen Vinson on September 1, 2014

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OH WATERMELON. WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO GOOOOOOOOD? Ha ha… I purposefully stay away from watermelon. Today, I got one because it’s labor day. I don’t feel guilty about it. I enjoyed the holiday and even had a steak at lunch. I can’t remember the last time I cooked a steak at home or ate one in Birmingham. No regrets. No guilt. I’m counting today’s consumption as a splurge, not a binge. I might be off base, but I can live with that. Today.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual grub.

Food on 09/01/2014

Food on 09/01/2014

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal+PB2+Banana – 450 calories
  • Snack: watermelon and 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt – 125 calories
  • Snacks: watermelon – 500 calories
  • Lunch: steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy – 700 calories
  • Snack: PB&J Smoothie – 300 calories
  • Snack: watermelon – 125 calories
  • Dinner: Grilled Cheese, Soup,  and slaw – 550 calories
  • Snack: banana+almond milk – 260 calories

Total calories for today: 3010 calories


Day 37: Back on track

by Stephen Vinson August 31, 2014
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It feels good to make it over a speed bump. I also feel good about my choices: my choice to stop taking the pain medicine my choice to get back on track Onward and upward! Have a great labor day, and a great labour day to my Canadian friends and family. Breakfast: Oatmeal+PB2+Banana – 450 […]

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Day 36: Much, Much Better Today

by Stephen Vinson August 30, 2014
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I felt better today. The loopiness was gone today because I stopped taking lortabs on Thursday afternoon. I’m adding lortabs to the short list of meds that I can’t take. If I find that something leads me to binging, I stop it. I didn’t have the urge to binge today. To get a little more nutrition […]

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Day 34 and Day 35

by Stephen Vinson August 29, 2014

Day 34 Thursday, August 28th and Day 35 Friday, August 29th I’m still binge eating. I was taking some pain killers from my back, and they had me feeling loopy. I’m going to focus on drinking lots of water to flush out my system. Also, I will eat whole foods this weekend. I’ve stopped the […]

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Day 33: More Binge Eating

by Stephen Vinson August 28, 2014

Just wanted to quickly get this posted. I binged again yesterday. I’ll post more about it on Day 34. I just wanted to be accountable. Have a great day Breakfast: Omelet and Grits – 440 calories Breakfast: Strawbery Popsicle – 110 calories Snack: Coffee with 5 pumps – 125 calories Snack: 2 toast and laughing […]

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Day 32: Immigration App Being Mailed Tomorrow!

by Stephen Vinson August 26, 2014
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Every day that I post my food, no matter how I’ve eaten that day, I feel more confident that I can continue doing well with my eating. I’m facing issues when they arise, because they inevitably will. It feels good. Today was good. I continue to look forward to physical therapy starting Friday. I can’t wait to […]

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