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Excuses, Compliments, and Optimistic

by Stephen Vinson on July 25, 2014

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I’m back in a cycle of bad eating. I have been since the weekend. It’s amazing how I can quickly go from doing so well to going back to bad behaviors. I’m finally coming out of denial about my eating behaviors. In the past, I accepted my excuses for binging as unchangeable facts. Excuses such as, “I’m sick, so I’ve got to eat to feel better.” “I’m on xyz medication that makes me tired, so I have to eat to feel better.”

I can remember sessions with dietitans and therapists in which I would proclaim these excuses. There has also been numerous blog posts where I justify my behaviors with these excuses. I AM FINALLY NOT ACCEPTING THESE EXCUSES! I am still binging (temporarily) BUT I am finally coming to the understanding that there is no justifiable excuse for it.


I’m starting to be concerned about another issue that I’m having: When I start receiving compliments about how I’ve lost weight, I tend to binge after hearing this. It’s some sort of strange self-sabotage.  I’m going to speak with the therapist about it. — It’s a good thing that I’m becoming more aware of my behaviors. It’s progress.

I believe it was Monday, a coworker unexpectedly asked if I have been losing weight. She noticed that my pants were looser. My first thought (after saying, “thank you”) was that now I’m going to screw up because someone’s noticed that I’m losing weight. I’m sure this somehow mentally stems from a couple of years ago when I was doing so well then “fell off the wagon” because I was stressed about my back injury.

I’m starting to feel grateful for my back injury from a couple of years ago. (I know, what a strange thought.) I’m learning a lot about myself because of it. I’m still working on this in my head.


I can feel good things are in my future. I am having good periods of eating and I’m starting to see my behaviors for what they are. I believe it’s all about to come together.


Tired and MRI Results

by Stephen Vinson July 24, 2014

I was so exhausted last night that I ate dinner when I got home, then went directly to bed. No meds. No CPAP mask. No blog post. Just sleep. Since my back pain escalated last week, I haven’t been sleeping well at night. I wake up a few times in pain, move and adjust until I’m comfortable, then fall […]

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Binge Yesterday & BLAST

by Stephen Vinson July 22, 2014

Binge Yesterday Last night I binged. I made a quick post to the blog last night because I wanted to keep momentum on the blog front moving then I caved and binged. I’m not going to list what I binged on or how much. I was tired and stressed last night. Tired because I’m not sleeping […]

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MRI Scheduled

by Stephen Vinson July 21, 2014

I saw the doctor today and he ordered an MRI to find out what is going on with my back. Unfortunately, the soonest they could run the test is Saturday morning at 7am. I have to use the MRI that can accommodate my big body. Eating was great today. Sorry for the short post. I’m […]

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Lazy Netflix Day and Today’s Food

by Stephen Vinson July 20, 2014
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I was a lazy bum today, taking it easy. I sat around and watched The Killing on Netflix all day. Fortunately the pain meds are working great. I’ll be calling my doc first thing in the morning about ordering an x-ray and MRI. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue. I had an okay food […]

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Second Trip To The ER

by Stephen Vinson July 19, 2014
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I woke up last night around 3am (when the pain meds wore off.) I turned over in the bed to take another pill and experienced a 10 on the pain scale. My pain eventually calmed down enough for me to pop another pill. Later in the morning, again,  I was in a lot of pain. […]

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